Reviews for "Pix City"

Nice and fun game. Im just annoyed by the fact that when i finish the story the screen goes black. It said i could play unlimited mode.... Anyways a really good game overall!


Awsome game man! Just could you please update the game beacause when I try to get to unlimited mode it all goes black.....the only thing i can see is the toolbar up.

The game is awsome and I played it since i was 4 :D

Great game but it froze my character is stuck please release a update and fix these bugs and i will rate the game and in the casino why cant you play poker and stuff its closed.

Lost the first fight, stuck at the hospital. Good game though (I have played before) :)

RasmusiBoy responds:

Glad to hear :) Know there's some bugs, but not motivated enought to fix them right now