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Reviews for "Shameless clone 2"

No skip button= instant loss of stars

I thought the game was too easy. Though graphic and music was awsome I did not enjoy the gameplay. The bosses were so easy if you could shoot 3 projectiles at one time. The final boss was a push over. For your future games, make it more difficult. Everything else was good

While the references are cute and the gameplay in itself work well..
Its boring. Repetitive.
A lot of visual noise make it confusing to play.
Several ennemy hitboxes are innacurate, making it a bit of a chore to destroy them.

fun shooter but i can't beat the boss of 5-2. Not cause it's hard, quite the opposite, sit in the corner and he can't even hit you, level three shot shoots diagonal so it can hit him, been sitting there for, I dunno, too long just shooting him not even touching the mouse and he's still standing. Was just a test of how long I could stand sitting there WATCHING the game. Apparently 5 min is my limit, 5 minutes of just shooting this guy with no chance of him or anything else hitting me. I'm done, needs some work but has potential.

I wrote a review on the previous Shameless Clone and to be quite frank, it is basically the same game. Now a game that is just the same as a prequel, isn't that bad when there is something else offered in return or at least an upgrade to the game's performance. I'm happy to say it definitely does it's predecessor some good, but not good enough.

The annoying advertisement at the bottom of the screen disappeared from the general gameplay, however, the site's advertisement is still located between the "map" and "continue" button. Not only that but the hitbox of that button actually expands if you are too close to it, which ends up being a shitty trick to make it so you accidentally press it in the midst of trying to continue. Another issue is that if you click outside of the boundaries of the game, it brings up a pause menu with a "continue?" sign. If you click continue, your character is transported to where you pressed last and away from where they were.

Now this game suffers the same general design flaws of the first. Too easy, utterly pointless to play. There are too many power ups to grab on the screen and the boss levels are still the easiest levels in the game. I'd recommend less randomness to the powerups. If you want this game to feel like a shmup or a bullet hell I recommend having specific upgrades at specific spots, and instead of a power you gain from collecting coins, implement a set number of bombs (If you really want to be shameless make us fly bi-wing fighter planes.)

And once again the most OP character is the Octocat. All the other unlocked characters sucked.

Why did you have to unlock them anyway? If I recall correctly in Shameless Clone 1 you actually never had to unlock those characters. They were given to you from the start. The game sells itself on character choice, but why should it if you must unlock them first? Not to mention getting to the Invasion World doesn't unlock any characters. If you want to maintain consistency you should make it so players unlock a character at the invasion world as well. You can still have bozo Nock Charris, but because you set a standard of one unlock per world it should be kept through till the end.

Greatest improvement: No stupid ass upside down power up crap that gets dragged to you by the magnetic boost.