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Reviews for "Shameless clone 2"

i love that hatsune miku is in this game btw really good game nice job

Just fix the part where things block your screen.

More fun!
I love this!


Although I'm not a bullet hell type person, I found that for the specified genre you aimed for was a wee tad out of your reach in this game. The upgrades showed little help, and like someone said previously the 3rd upgrade to bullet quantity decreased forward firepower but increased ability to hit at the sides. However, just like another person said the hitboxes for certain enemies were hard to pinpoint when my netbook can't handle the graphic overload of hundreds of bullets exploding outward at once from dozens of bullet burst powerups.

The Contra powerup was probably the most useful of the bunch, although the atom bomb (smart bomb anyone?) did good for clearing the screen of mooks but did little to structures along the way, such as the blocks, or the mini bosses. I suppose that was the goal, but I found even mooks could survive the atom bomb if you haven't hit them enough times yet.

Bosses are repetitive, and easy if you get the alien cat player character. The sheer firepower of the rainbow vomit essentially blows anything away from the front, almost like a certain blond Witch who likes giant lasers and star magic. I found that the final boss of Nyan World was little more than a 3 second burst down with the rainbow vomit.

Kudos on the Pirate's laughter though, I liked that. Sounded a mite bit 'empty' though. Almost like it were put through a voice modifier and was hollowed some, or was an echo.

Like someone said before the amount of money earned skyrockets dramatically from World 1-5 to World 2-1. 2-1's constant rows of blocks and enemy waves resulted in something like 3k gold just by itself. I also noticed that the level lengthened about 2.5 times the previous level. Was this intentional?

I will not say I regretted playing it, but I found that I fired faster by rapid clicking than click and holding. That might just be my netbook's lack of horses to get a game like this to play at full speed. Though the lack of a story was a bit disappointing, then again, I can say that most bullet hells have little to no story and are little more than "This thing is evil and must be destroyed."

One other thing: fix the issue where you get constant demon faces if you're collecting coins while performing your would be bomb. If you get enough coins and refill your hatred meter while 'bombing' you get a demon face for every single coin that puts you back at full while it's draining from the 'bomb'. That caused a metric ton of lag for me, but I'm sure people with more power can handle that no problem.

Other than that, I think there was little wrong with this game... just the upgrades didn't do exactly what they should, and the only ones worth investing in were damage, fire rate, health, and the power up strength. Give it a better go next time.

I found this game to be very poor overall.

The upgrades are of only middling use, as - even with damage boosted - most enemies take a comparatively long time to kill. The upgrade to increase your amount of bullets fired is of limited utility as well, and the third level actually decreases your forward fire capability.

The theme of the game is...lacking at best. It looks very much like someone typed 'meme' into Google, and just threw in whatever came up. Random instances of Pedobear in the anime world, a FFFUUU face that doesn't fit the meme, and poorly-illustrated troll faces combine with hastily-done Engrish (ancor? Shamless Clone? Atari Gods Turn Away From You?) to pull this game kicking and screaming into the internet version of the Uncanny Valley.

Enemies have predictable attack patterns, and bosses tend to have gaping blind spots from which you can destroy them with impunity. By contrast, many normal enemies hover outside the range of your fire, spamming the screen with projectiles while enjoying their absolute invulnerability. Hit detection is haphazard at best, there is no speed upgrade (which is badly needed), and collecting coins is little more than a grindfest. I even went through this bloody thing twice to make sure I didn't miss the ending, and...nope! There isn't one.

I can't imagine clicking on your ads to support you, if this is the sort of game you create.