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Reviews for "Shameless clone 2"

I really had TONS of fun playing this game. It was really well made, with lots of nice references and addicting gameplay.

Thing I liked particularly:
-This game is a bullet hell FOR THE ENEMIES! With fully upgrade bullet quantity and fire rate, Autofire+Clickspam litterally made me fire like 5 gatling guns, obliterating everything in my way! It was particularly satisfying.
-The references were perfect, and the various enemies had different behaviours that made each level completely different from each other and preventing the game from becoming boring.
-Octocat was AWESOME in every way! :3

The little problems of the game:
-Octocat was perhaps TOO awesome. I litterally oneshotted the last boss with the rainbow lazor, and I didn't even see one of his attacks.
-During my clickspam I often clicked outside of the game, and it opened the pause menu instead of temporarily stop the game and make it start again with the next click. I hated how I had to click "continue" teleporting Octocat in the middle of the screen in order to continue.
-The player hitbox was too small... Being a reverse-Bullet Hell the enemies didn't even hit me ONCE in all the Invaders' World... And I wasn't even trying to dodge! That made the game a little too easy. The only time I ALMOST died was because of Bowser's lazor. I didn't die even once in the entire playthrough.
-Apart from the last two or three levels, money making was really hard. The only stage that gave lots of money was 2-1, because of the walls that got obliterated by Octocat's lazor (which replenished itself istantly because of the mass destruction), so getting upgrades was hard without farming that level.

Apart from these little problems it was a really nice game, and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope in a Shameless Clone 3 someday!