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Reviews for "Shameless clone 2"

fun as hell may be easy but and octocat ultimate power is freaking OP upgraded

I really only liked Octocat because of its special. Basically it blasts any boss away. Everyone else's specials were too much of panic mode and not a directed attack. But then again I only liked pirate's normal attack. Everyone else's forward shots were too spread out.

Too easy.

And magnets in games are supposed to attract more the closer the object is to the magnetised vehicle/person/whatever, here it's just a fixed speed toward the player along the x-axis.

Also, it's way too easy. Oow, and it's not really hard.

I enjoyed the game however have a few gripes about it. One is the difficulty level it's way to easy and lacks a reasonably good challenge. Two is that the nuke power up's flash hurts eyes when actually used I struggled to play the game when that happened and it was annoying. The third but least worrying is the adverts that sometimes glitch but they may out of your control. However give credit where it's due it's a good old time waster space shooter with clever pop culture references my favourite world had to be the otaku one as well I am an otaku myself XD :) and the Hatsune Miku character is a nice touch also Naruto and the Gurren Lagan sunglasses. It's a good game but sometimes can be a pain for the eyes and a bit to simple.

Really well done, fun to play. I enjoyed the inclusion of password type save data, it makes it easier to switch from website to website when playing the game. The quirkiness of the game was nice although some of the meme references might be heavy handed (although that might be why it's called Shameless Clone).

One thing I really didn't like was how eye catching the bonus weapons were. Namely the nuke, the pacman and the med kit. In a bullet hell type shooter like this, having lingering effects like that can make playing very difficult. I got hit quite a few times because the after image of the nuke lingering so long made it seem as though I was safe.