Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Superb in animation as usual, but it brings up one question: Were you by any chance involved in that drunken Santa eggnog game some years ago?

chluaid responds:

no that wasn't anything to do with me. My first ever game is still in development. Thanks for the review!

i like the animation but..., whats up with bracken wood, you will make another animation about them?

chluaid responds:

The upcoming Brackenwood episode is the biggest yet so it requires probably 4-6 months of solid animation work. That's not something I can easily fit in between freelance projects, like this 50sec e-card that I managed to squeeze into my free time across a couple of months, unfortunately.

Alcoholic Santas never get old! Awesome animation, and beautiful as always.

You rock, Adam! ...also merry x-mas!

P.S. - Does this mean more Bitey in the future?

chluaid responds:

Yep more Bitey in the future. Lately though I feel like he's only ever in the future. Hopefully some day soon I'll bring him into the present. Merry Xmas back at you!

After seeing Bitey Castle Christmas back in 2008, this is like a christmas present on it's own. I don't care whether Christmas is falling short due to failed pyrotechnics this year and I'll willingly prepare an entire barrel of eggnog and/or spiced wine, so long as we see Santa in a sequel next year!

chluaid responds:

alright, deal. My 2013 short is in the works. Please forward the egg nog & spiced wine to:
PO Box 7099,
Leura NSW 2780

Looks like Santa is moving at the speed of... light.