Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Any animator would benefit enormously from taking Adam's course, and for any aspiring effects animator, it should be mandatory.

Also it's cheap :D

Great work, as usual. I was wondering about that 3D wall turn at the end? Was that Toon Boom? Or was it even 3D? Can never tell.

chluaid responds:

cheers man! Yeah Toon Boom has 3D and that Christmas card simulation was basically just flipping the layers over in 3D.

great fire in this one. i personally learned my fire technique from joseph gilland, but i want to give your style a spin and see how it suits me. Another great piece Adam!

chluaid responds:

thanks Max,
Joe Gilland and I are from similar traditional backgrounds so we have similar techniques (frame by frame hand-drawn) but he has much superior design sense.

Smooth Animation!...

chluaid responds:

With more time I'd like to have smoothed some Santa movements out but cheers/thanks/best regards!

Poor santa and poor kid! LMAO!

Wow, never have I found a series of animations that just synced with my sense of humor. Very funny story and great animation style.