Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Merry Christmas to you too! This was a great little short, and a pleasant early christmas present. Thanks for this!

Doubling as an e-card, I may spam a few people I know with this link over the Necronomicon of Faces.

I'm really hyped to see you're still submitting content! You're one of my biggest inspirations (and yet, I've never played around with Toon Boom) Got any original projects on the way or continuations of Bitey in development?

chluaid responds:

Thanks for spamming it to friends! I made it like an e-card for that purpose :D
Re my future stuff, I'm working on a Bitey game which has now been a brutal 2 years in development. Progress is slow but steady. Updates on my site from time to time.

If you developed this art style on your own I am reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally impressed! If you practiced this art style, I'm a little less impressed. Either way, this is fantastic. I loved Santa's face, and the fancy shmancy backgrounds. Bravo!

chluaid responds:

Green light for you to be reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally impressed! Thanks :)

This was oddly... sad.
made me feel....the sads :o

chluaid responds:

Cheer up. Kids are pretty resilient at that age.
Santa on the other hand, well... it ain't good news.

Poor Santa :( He is so cute :3
But its still a great and funny animation ;D

chluaid responds:

Poor happy drunk trespasser. Every lick of flame, every shard, every burning gob of molten nylon curtain is like a crochet needle in my heart.

That is some good fire animation.

chluaid responds:

thanks! I like fire