Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Perfectly as always =)
Again he was drunk, bad Santa =)
Merry Christmas!)

chluaid responds:

Putrid old fatty is always drunk. Merry Christmas!

I love it and everything else that you have done. It was short and sweet, made me chuckle and the fire effects were top notch. Keep up that awesome work.

Also can't wait to see the Bitey game!

chluaid responds:

thanks :D
Bitey game's still making progress

Alright, this is easily the funniest thing I've seen today!

chluaid responds:

Mission accomplished.

I've enjoyed your work ever since the first bitey ep was uploaded here. I always look forward to your animation, and this is no exception. Must admit (as horrible as it is) I LOLed from the first gasp, through the rest of the short. So much that I missed the end & had to rewatch. I am thankful that you also post your techniques at your site. I have used the camera pan technique from Prowlies extensively in my band animation. I'm looking forward to reviewing your fire technique and hopefully it works better than mine, but we shall see. As for the haters...let em hate. Cheers, mate. 5/5

chluaid responds:

Thank yvm. May you be afflicted with awesomnia throughout the season and well into the New Year!

i love it lmaaaaoooo