Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Welcome back to newgrounds adam!.

As always, this is a masterpiece of epic proportions.

Both fire and animation were gorgeous, i mean just look at santa BURN.

Merry Christmas!

chluaid responds:

Thanks! It's good to be back, if only for 50 seconds X|

i like the animation but..., whats up with bracken wood, you will make another animation about them?

chluaid responds:

The upcoming Brackenwood episode is the biggest yet so it requires probably 4-6 months of solid animation work. That's not something I can easily fit in between freelance projects, like this 50sec e-card that I managed to squeeze into my free time across a couple of months, unfortunately.

That's a great animation! Nice to see you back.
Hope you're feeling better after your surgery operation.

chluaid responds:

thanks! Yep all good now. Part machine, unstoppable.

After seeing Bitey Castle Christmas back in 2008, this is like a christmas present on it's own. I don't care whether Christmas is falling short due to failed pyrotechnics this year and I'll willingly prepare an entire barrel of eggnog and/or spiced wine, so long as we see Santa in a sequel next year!

chluaid responds:

alright, deal. My 2013 short is in the works. Please forward the egg nog & spiced wine to:
PO Box 7099,
Leura NSW 2780

This graphics have a very good quality. Keep it up.

chluaid responds:

tyvfm and cheeeses!