Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Any animator would benefit enormously from taking Adam's course, and for any aspiring effects animator, it should be mandatory.

Also it's cheap :D

Great work, as usual. I was wondering about that 3D wall turn at the end? Was that Toon Boom? Or was it even 3D? Can never tell.

chluaid responds:

cheers man! Yeah Toon Boom has 3D and that Christmas card simulation was basically just flipping the layers over in 3D.

This is why kids give santa cookies and milk instead of cookies and beer

chluaid responds:

it doesn't matter what you give him, he carries his own bottle anyway

great fire in this one. i personally learned my fire technique from joseph gilland, but i want to give your style a spin and see how it suits me. Another great piece Adam!

chluaid responds:

thanks Max,
Joe Gilland and I are from similar traditional backgrounds so we have similar techniques (frame by frame hand-drawn) but he has much superior design sense.

what a magical disaster

Poor santa and poor kid! LMAO!