Reviews for "Pwanchi Burger Episode 4"

Very funny. Is just like the old times jokes of a bunch of retards being stupid with themselves. CLASSICCCCC!!

Stumbled upon this completely by chance and I'm glad I did, it had me laughing from start to finish! I'm definitely going to go watch the previous episodes now. Very funny stuff.

I liked it... the anamation was good but the voice acting need a little work... but still good any way

Ahah, I knew she ((SPOILERS)) was going for Yoko!

This way way better than Episode 3, and I've noticed a significant difference in your animation style since the previous episode. What happened to bum? Oh, and why does Logan have a slight 'english' accent now? I don't recall him having that voice before.

Overall; great segment to the Pwanchi Burger series!

Please release the next parody segment to Code Veronica! D: