Reviews for "Pwanchi Burger Episode 4"

These are getting exceedingly better with each episode, and I really dig the vibe of this newest installment in the Pwanchi Burger series. You seem to be catching your stride.
Love the 007 reference in the beginning as well.
I, unlike some others on here, actually think Yoko is funny, in the half wit asian fat guy kind of way hehe.
Keep up the great work and keep making these gems!

hey can you make it hentai! it will be cool !

It took me a while to differntiate the three idiots. they all.. look alike.. like.. really alike..
Do they all have to have brown har?

cyotecody555 responds:

These characters are based on real people who all look like that.

LOL, Yoko has enough girls in his dreams xD

I enjoyed the plot and the animation was a little ruff but thats what gave a nice feeling about this movie. I didnt like the voice's though, it seems like your mike for this wasnt the best, but then again it could just be yoko's voice, sorry its funny but it just doesnt fit a guy like yoko :/