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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

Too much lag to be enjoyable. I have a pretty recent computer which almost never lags on flash games, so I think that there must be a problem on your end.

1 other problem that your other game (spy car) also suffered from - the menus are difficult to navigate. They're very stylish, but without any explanatory text it's very confusing for a new player. Maybe have an introduction that points out what all the buttons do?

Nice concept. Upgrade the physics a little and make it so it doesn't lag to the ends of the earth and you have something worth playing.

Besides the whole lag thing, my question is if there was a Technological catastrophe....how the hell did everyone get 50 Cal customized weaponary, lock on missles, and full body armored vechicals by the dozen?!

This would be a fun game, but every time I change the graphic settings to low, they revert back to high in about 10 seconds. This game is totally unplayable on my computer and it looks like I'm not the only one having this problem.

damn do I hate that auto quality thing.
Keeps the framerate nice and f*cked.
The lag is causes is terrible.... make the controles go haywire .
If I want to play it on LOW ... its not an option.
or I need a better system to play this one.