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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

I liked the game, but as it progressed the lag just got worse and worse, until it was extremely unplayable at almost 1 frame per second. The choppiness was giving me a headache. The method to fix the lag described by "kakapants" below did not work for me (I have windows 7, Flash v.

THIS game is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna play
Dead Paradise 2 :D

Fun Game. To those out there who experience severe lag: Press "p", Click on the the thing that looks like an eye, click on the thing that looks like a music note (leave the music OFF), click on the eye again if you want (doesn't matter game play is good either way). It seems the frame rate auto-detection is to blame here with lag and my 2 (almost 3) year old MAC, however, the afore prescribed method should work for you if you have a bad case of the Laggies.

@PacmanRebuild Don't give the game a bad rating because it lags for you, get a better computer.

This game is great, I feel like there should be rewards for style though, like backflips or something. Great gameplay though, good job!

great game i rated it a 4 i really think it should be passed into the newgrounds world hope you all agree