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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

I suffered lag until I turned off all sounds (and the eye thing, whatever that was). My main gripe is the annoying navigator. Sure, helpful in the first stage when youre not sure of everything, but after, no way to kick her out of the car? I can see Im out of rockets and low on fuel, what I dont need is giant Batman-like narrative blocking my view! Money is mostly pointless, as you usually have ample, but are lacking in skulls. The cherry was getting a bonus of $10k after getting all upgrades. Uh... WTF? I also wouldnt mind a downgrade option in tyres, esp. for the last stage, where driving on bouncy castles isnt that helpful. But overall (once the lag is gone) a very enjoyable game.

Not lag for me

Too much lag to be enjoyable. I have a pretty recent computer which almost never lags on flash games, so I think that there must be a problem on your end.

1 other problem that your other game (spy car) also suffered from - the menus are difficult to navigate. They're very stylish, but without any explanatory text it's very confusing for a new player. Maybe have an introduction that points out what all the buttons do?

Immediatly made it one of my faves.

Did anyone else spend the entire opening scene doing flips? lol