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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

Decent premise, poor game play, even worse quality.

It's a pretty good game, but it seems like every time something happens, like a message, item pick up, or just when I start firing at a baddy, it lags. BAD.

Fun game but the Skulls you need to get to upgrade make the game feel much more linear then it should when you want to upgrade your equipment.

What the fuck is up with this hellish lag? The graphics aren't that good! What did you put in this? A motherfucking virius that sends lag waves to your computer? Besides that, 3/Half Stars / 5 Stars

It's an okay game really. It works fine I find, and the game play is smooth. But I found it to be much to directed. Like everything Was made to work out a certain way. If you died because you were shot up, you had just gotten enough skulls to upgrade your armor. Or if if you were running out of fuel, a gas can was not far away. I think that's the biggest thing that needs to be worked on.