Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

5 stars but i cant even complete 4 level with upgrades i buyed i think it needs lesser enemies but overall amazing

Thats the thing
[a-ha a-ha]
I like it!

I've never known a game with a "help" that was as obscure and unreasonable to find as that in this game.

You would think "help" should be easy to find, and ideally on the title screen. Nope. Perhaps it's on the between-levels screens? Nope.

It's actually the last medal I got because it's maximum counter-intuitive to find. You have to be in the middle of a stage, click the Pause icon, then and only then is there a ? icon you can click to get the "help".

This is really the most annoying and game-experience-ruining upgrade system I've ever encountered. Completely messed up. It's a real shame because in every other respect, this is an awesome and qualitative game, but right now it's not worth the effort.

Another issue, more of a minor one: please decrease the size of the letters of your navigator... Her warnings come during the most perilous moments (if not, she would not be warning you), but paradoxically enough, they block your view so you can't see where you're going and you end up crashing into some hazard you could not anticipate because she 'warned' you.

in medal make 10 flips it has to by make 10 flips in air but is awesome game fife stars