Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

Damn straight. Plus Daffy lacks any ambition that his character used to have, also he hasn't said "Your Despicable" ONCE during the show's run. Hes a jerk all-right , but the original Daffy was a jerk because he was either a struggling actor or didn't want to be murdered. New Daffy is just a lazy mooch, and thats not what made Daffy Duck who he was.

Also if anyone sees this review and thinks about giving it a chance, let me tell you something. ELMER FUDD DOESN'T TRY TO HUNT BUGS OR DAFFY! He's a freakin' newsman. YEAH- because thats what old fans think of him as. Friggin' ridiculous.

loonatics wasn't about loony tunes tho.....

cud havve been worse.....

loony tunes show =/= loony tunes. too modernized

if only parents stopped caring about what there kids saw on tv then we would have good cartoon shows :/

i have to agree because come on must of us here grew up watching the looney toons. i know i did. dont get me wrong some episodes are funny but come one they are trying too hard to appeal to todays generation. its not what it used to be with the snappy come backs and bugs giving elmer and yo simmity a run for their money making their plans backfire on them. daffy is just an asshole now. and tell me WTF HAPPENED TO LOLA!? she was a smart sporty tom girl in space jam and now shes a dumb blond! i mean fucking dumb! elmer is dong the news! THE FUCKING NEWS! speedy is running a pizza place......nuff said. although i will say i bet pizza gets delivered faster. pokey is just so damn gullible and needy. fr the whole show he should have on the forever alone face. the pokey i knew was not this pokey. by the gods whats happening? next thing you know they are gonna fuck up and try to remake the flintstones or the jetsons and fuck it up. i just give up on cartoons in this day and age. now i watch regular show adventure time and adult swim at night. the rest is just garbage now. just bring back all the oldies. dope all this new bs.

I gree, if the real Warner Brothers were still alive thi would've never appened.