Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

I like the Loony Tunes Show. As much as I love and admire the classic Loony Tunes Cartoons it's obvious they weren't going for that feel with that show. The first thing I though when I saw it was this is nothing like Looney Tunes, but in a sense that's what's good about it. As you said atleast it's not Lunatics! GOD WHY?!

To me the show's funny and I enjoy it for what it is not what I expected it to be. I think that's was probably the best way to go about it.

Anyways Doggy seems a bit to sedated as of late and not mean enough. I was wondering when you'd do this show in hopes that you'd rip it a new one but you kinda backed off a bit, to me anyways. To be honest I don't watch this for insight on cartoons I come here to see cartoons get trashed on. It's funnier and more entertaining that way but whatever, that's just how I feel

It's a good episode but I felt you coulda gone a bit further.

Damn straight. Plus Daffy lacks any ambition that his character used to have, also he hasn't said "Your Despicable" ONCE during the show's run. Hes a jerk all-right , but the original Daffy was a jerk because he was either a struggling actor or didn't want to be murdered. New Daffy is just a lazy mooch, and thats not what made Daffy Duck who he was.

Also if anyone sees this review and thinks about giving it a chance, let me tell you something. ELMER FUDD DOESN'T TRY TO HUNT BUGS OR DAFFY! He's a freakin' newsman. YEAH- because thats what old fans think of him as. Friggin' ridiculous.

you´re so damn right, everytime... nasty dog

oh no, another good old show gets beat down by being remaked...

Doggy drives a pretty good point: This was funny in its own right, but really took the 'Loony' out of Looney Tunes. The whole point was to be comical and over-the-top, but I found neither show to really deliver on that. (I enjoyed both, respectively, but the Loonatics tried waaay too hard to be 'epic' and forever holds a spot in the Cartoon Hall of 'What-Not-to-Do')
The Coyote & Roadrunner segments kept true to their originals, right down to the gags themselves not making complete sense.
Personal opinion aside, the amount of animation was adequate for the amount of action in the cartoon and flowed smoothly. The sound quality was good, as well. Please, keep up the funny work!