Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

I for one am a fan of the new looney toons show. Your animosity for the new idea and direction for these old characters is nothing more than hatemongering. What I see here is that you hate the fact that the times don't stay the same as you get older, granted yes I see the dog being old but I feel as if it's just taking it too far and your being a little closed minded. On another note, a newer Looney Toons based on the old ideas would be nothing short of a headache. Seeing these older toons revived just to do the same old shit doesn't sound very appealing to me, we've seen it all already and everyone has based newer shows off the groundbreaking television they made back then. And being fed the same drull doesn't sound like a "good idea" to these television CEOs or whoever is in charge of all that stuff. That is the reality of these things and things to come. I understand its sad to watch the world change but for better or worse, it always will.

*side note* They do make DVD sets for old cartoons.

I couldn't agree more. I watched one episode and I was done. It was made probably to appeal to the kids who are to young to remember the classic looney tunes before they were banned from tv for being too violent or some shit.

Okay, so maybe they wanted to go with the loony tunes living a suburban life. Well they could have still found a way to work in the classic antics. I should hope if you're a writer working for CN, you are at least good enough to do that.

It could have been worse

A terribly unfunny spin on the formula. Cartoon Network buffs think this redeems CN? Nope.

Critics these days, need a lozang