Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

I love classic Looney Tunes, but I also like all the reincarnations of the characters. Cartoons are made for the times. Tiny Toons was testing the limits of the censors of the 90's. Lunatics Unleashed took on the action slapstick craze of the early 2000's.

The Looney Tunes Show does a great job at appealing to it's target audience, today's kids. Making it appealing to veteran cartoon enthusiast is just a plus, as only true fans get all the little subtle sidelines and jokes.

I can say the same thing for Thundercats (TMNT, Voltron Force, Speed Racer). Once you put aside the old story lines, the show is actually pretty fantastic.

I rather see there classic characters get a fresh start then to die a horrible death of being forgotten because the target audience grew too old for cartoons. I'm always happy when kids have a scooby doo toy from watching Mysteries Incorporated.

I will admit though, I'm happy there wasn't a reincarnation of Looney Tunes when card games were the craze....*shudder* (Wile E. Coyote: I summon giant boulder in attack mode!....attack fail and rebounded!)

the old looney tunes used to be good

I admire your opinion, but I actually like the new Loony Toons show. Remember, they've actually tried to "keep if classic" with familiar antics from the classic days. Thanks heavily to bad writing, what they got frequently was a malnourished, unfunny, cavalcade of crap. The flow felt too modern, and somewhat too smooth and less "natural" if I must be abstract for a minute.

I admire the break away from the traditional formula and for me, this time around works. I've found myself laughing and enjoying unexpectedly. While not nearly as memorable as the classics, its become effective enough where it can stand on it's own around productions like Ben 10 and Sponge Bob, not to mention indirectly teaching younger audiences about adult life. It has a two sided humor that's appealing to both audiences young and old, and I have to applaud the writers for that.

In short, while definitely not like the classics, it still brings a loony toon flare in it's own way that is effective.

loonatics wasn't about loony tunes tho.....

cud havve been worse.....

loony tunes show =/= loony tunes. too modernized

AK907Blazin, you do realize that the point of all of these TTD videos is to make inflammatory comments? Did you read the "this is not necessarily the opinion of the producers" line at the beginning?

Anyway, back to rating this steaming pile of donkey crap, it's probably the worst thing I've ever seen. I mean, you've gone from...
Okay fuck it no, it was actually pretty damn funny :D