Reviews for "Rebel Sky Demo"

This game is great... but there is an error when u die.

Hyptosis responds:

That happens sometimes, I haven't figured out why yet.

great game i will say kinda easy but most games are.

realy good game when u make the full version add upgrades like higher dmg with the spitfire or when u first play u will spawn with more ammo with a gun and this way people will look 4 coins and stuff

I played it about 10 minutes and it's over. But I'm happy. It was cool. I saw lot of negative reviews down here, and I desagree with their authors. This game reminds me of Front Mission series - mechs, weapons, music - whole atmosphere is good.
All I can say - finish this game, you SHOULD, cause I want it )))
You can improve mech movement a little - make it more smooth while landing after jumping, maby even slide sometimes, with some engines, for example. )
Don't listen to people, who says it's bad. It's great. )
all my 5 with it! )
P.S. Wish to see more cutsceens, maybe barely animated ( you know, like from Rolling Thunder series from Sega Genesis).

brilliant retro style game :) just one thing: whenever I die I get a screen with just my ammo details and stuff on it, other than that it is perfect :)

Hyptosis responds:

K, I just tried fixing that, hopefully it will work.