Reviews for "Rebel Sky Demo"

realy good game when u make the full version add upgrades like higher dmg with the spitfire or when u first play u will spawn with more ammo with a gun and this way people will look 4 coins and stuff

great game i will say kinda easy but most games are.

Eh, it was so so. Out of all the gun games I've played...to be honest this is actually one of the worst. The quality is pretty...err...bad. But I do like shooting the enemies, so that's why I've decided to give it 3 stars. I shall continue my search for good shooting games though. Keep up the work ;)

Hyptosis responds:

lol, tell me how you really feel :P

No troubles on an AMD A43300 APU.

One thing that bugged me is how overpowered the helicopters seem: between being unable to aim upwards, and your deployable turret's limited rate of fire, they're free to just hover around and snipe you from afar with their freely targetable shots. I'd like to see the ability to aim at the very least in 45° angles, or having the turret prioritize enemies.
Checkpoints would also be nice, or save stations, such as around the upgrades. Otherwise, having to restart the whole stage of respawning enemies after getting the jump upgrade is a bit frustrating...

Otherwise an excellent game, reminiscent of Metal Slug.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man!

Really great game that reminds me of Metal Warriors for SNES if it had the character progression of Metroid. I admit, I think the sfx can be sort of grating at times, because they seem to be low quality. Just not smooth enough, you know? Also, you are wanting feedback on system performance? I'm running a laptop with 0.5gigs of RAM and the game works great, had to zoom out my Firefox window a couple times to get the whole game to fit but it's alright.
Really like the weapons, albeit the controls seem sort of confusing sometimes...cramped really, I guess. Many people don't have number-pads to ease this, either, like me on my laptop.
I also think there could be more flashing lights and dynamic text-effects.
Really enjoyed the little profile of the pilot in the upper-left.

Stopped playing after I dropped down the deactivated lift shaft, got killed by those tanks at the bottom, and had to start the game over.

out of 10...
gfx - 8.5 (nice retro style)
sfx - 6.5 (somewhat fuzzy)
design - 8 (simple levels,good systems)
gameplay - 7 (poor reset, cramped controls)

I think it's really tough to tack down what exactly this demo does well, and what it doesn't. One thing is for sure, and that's that it LOOKS great so far. Perhaps some of the graphics need to be more dynamic, but I like them still. I really hope that you come back to this project, because it performs well and is a lot of fun so far.

Hyptosis responds: