Reviews for "Friendly Idiots EP.1 "

these are just kids who are fans you assholes! relax. It's ok to be Inspired by Hellbenders guys. but for the next episode try to have more original drawings. you're off to a good start just don't copy.

Similar to Hellbenders? More like all the detailed faces are directly ripped from Hellbenders itself. This is nothing like Hellbenders as it has such horrible voice acting and animation that you can't understand anything of what is going on. I'm not sure if this is being done on purpose to troll the NG community, but I have to say this is definitely a piece of shit.

so is this to make me kill myself or what? first of all. horrible animation. second. stolen art. and third. HORRIBLE voice acting.

Kill yourself.

This is horrible. The animation looks like shit and was a failed attempt at creating an "ORIGINAL" series. The audio was done by 9 year olds who think they can create a good series. It also really didn't make any sense. Here's all I got:

Two badly drawn characters go grocery shopping. They can't read the "list" so they buy everything. Then, later, one of the friends smacks the others butt for no actual reason.

Love that description--"Similar to Hellbenders". GTFO.