Reviews for "Friendly Idiots EP.1 "

Similar to Hellbenders? Ok 6 Year Old kids, You Think This is Similar To Hellbenders, Huh? Your Doing Crappy Drawings and Grab Chris and Zack's Funny Faces And you Drag Them to your Stupid Ass Show?! Delete Everything! And Draw Stronger, STRONGIEST AND BECOME MORE FUCKING AWESOME. AND BE FUCKING 14 YEARS OLD!!! AND THATS HOW YOU FUCKING DO THAT!!! YOUR COMMENTS PUT 0 STARS AND THEY DONT LIKE THEM. IM TRUE!!! AND I HATE THIS SHOW. 0 STARS! Thats It, MotherFuckers, YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaths hard* ok i had enough screaming. BECOME A FUCKING MAN AND BE AN SUPER ULTRA AWESOME ARTIST IN NEWGROUNDS! And Im gonna tell Tom Fulp About this STUPID FUCKING ASS SHOW! 0/5

This is horrible.
All you did was make a couple shitty doodles and trace in Hellbenders faces every once in a while.
0 / 5 Stars.

Similar to Hellbenders? The only thing similar is the faces that you traced from various Hellbenders episodes. What even was this? This is just awful. Try something original, with a plot, understandable audio, and..decent animation.

How 'bout trying something original.

this sux