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Reviews for "Papa's Hot Doggeria"

well, let just say every new papa ...-ria , Would look like dinner dash with different food for new ppl who played papa games. Well you are so wrong ! Each game contain each own unique gameplay experience . that what make papa louie game so much better than other Serve-type game. therefore play all Papa Louie Arcade , Especially Jacksmith :P

omg !!! this very cooooool game is so big and very FUNNY!!! I very like hot dogs!!!!!!

This game is so addictive! I was going to try it for maybe 15 minutes or so then 5 hours later i'm still on it. It's repetitive, but there's nothing bad about that fact. There's but loads of achievements for you to unlock, the graphics are cute & it runs really smoothly, the customization ability to customize both your character & the actual dining hall was a brilliant plus.

I genuinely had to peel myself away from this game in order to get some house work done. Splendid game! If I had more time, i'd totally try & reach level 50 with the character to get that achievement.

Tomorrow, Cupcake Mania comes out.

Okay, I have to admit, this installment of Papa's -eria is one of the hardest there is. Considering the Closers are more picky than any -eria I have played and the rate of costumers per day increased. The challenge bar boosted to the level where you panic because you have a ton of orders waiting in the Build Station and you are irritated on how fast the costumers come in (or was it just me?). Anyways, the story line ISN'T repetitive. To those people who say it is, please, its just not. I'm going to guess you spent 30 minutes of your time to play and judge it as a repetitve game. Be like me, spend at least a good 2-3 hours of playing, reaching day 57, before you write any dumbass review.

This game gets 5/5 stars because (I'm not bias or anything) it is a great game. Flipline studios made another great pass-time for us people. Keep it up *thumbs up*