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Reviews for "ComiX Episode One Pt One"

Hello! I didn't found this funny due to being non-english person, BUT! I really enjoyed your style! good motion dynamics and voices=) and still you should work more about wrists=)

Yay! I've been waiting a while for the new ComiX, thanks for finally making it! :D

Lived up, and exceeded expectations :P


Keep up the good work!

Interesting. I liked all the durp things you put in there too. Felt like I was watching a real animation show a little bit because of all the sound FX and good voice acting. The animating was good as well. Funny premise, good job.

please do something with the necks

The jokes weren't bad, and neither was the script. The character's emotions were felt, and the timing was good. There was definite improvment here. for the most part the character designs were nice, and the shading gave them a nice touch. Lil proportional things with the arms could give them more life though, as right now they look pretty blocky. Your mouth shapes were pretty good but the really square ones I wasn't fond of. your sense of motion was good and pretty right on, so props on that stuff. Some of your hands I did like but some of them could use work. Overall good improvment, but keep pushing yourself. Btw that's really shitty about your iMac =(

Keep at it dude!