Reviews for "Song of Storms"

Could have had a bit more to it. Its mostly a looping graphic with little animation, I probably would have liked it better if there weren't so many stock photos from the internet, but I guess thats what you were going for.

5 stars simply because you used Ephixa's remix in here, not to mention the animation is good, too.

This reminds me of the Nyan Cat genre hopping video that came out a few days ago. It appears this is becoming a trend... however, given that that was the first one I saw, I'm using it as my standard. It would've been cool to see Link in different outfits to fit each style of the song that was played... but then again that would've seemed like copying the Nyan Cat video. Or did this come first? Was that video any inspiration? I'm curious. Great job though!

MistyEntertainment responds:

I actually had this idea before the Nyan Cat Genre Hopping video was made, that one was just finished first.

awsome i loved it and done very nicely like to see more stuff like this

You did a realy neat job. I wish i could do as good as you.