Reviews for "Song of Storms"

I Loved OoT and this just enhanced my Childhood by say? 5 stars

Keep it up!

Loved it. Am I the only one who undestood the Particle Mix???

Though the idea is quite nice, I think the execution leaves something to be desired. There's no transition between the songs and they aren't synch'd up to blend melodically at all, making the changes seem jarring and unprofessional. Furthermore, though the windmill was a decent idea, more creative finesse was needed than you seemed ready to give in order to make it work well. A large static object doing a simple and uninteresting animation taking up the screen isn't worth much if there's little going on around it, and really there wasn't enough variation in most if not all of the sequences to make the idea pay off. Next time either allow the central object to move, blending it with the scene, give it complicated animation, contrasting it with the more bland background, or the converse have a lot going on in the scene around it, contrastign the chaotic background with the stable central object.
All in all, due to the nyan cat movie released recently that uses the same mechanic better, this seems like either a copy made in hopes of jumping on the bandwagon or an idea that was so similar it was lost in the shadow of the video before it. More flair with your animation both conceptually and technically plus better musical transition would allow a significantly better product that would probably hold its own even with the other movie hanging there from a few days ago.

MistyEntertainment responds:

I actually had this idea before the Nyan Cat Genre Hopping video was made, that one was just finished first.

Thank you for your helpful review!

Ephixa FTW! Awesome video...

Pretty damn lovin'it!