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Reviews for "Green Square Thing"

Wow, that was fun man. Cool too. Never played a game like that before.

Okay, this game really needs more upvotes. Seriously.

I ended with 119 deaths; 1262 Left Keys; 1635 Right Keys; 1386 Up Keys, 1238 Down Keys, and 4957 seconds spent. And I haz no regrets.

It's premise is amusingly simple and the different things to do in each level is amazing. I particularly found the mirroring challenges and the ones with the arrow keys not quite working "normally" ones the hardest. The thinking required for the Knights Tour was pretty difficult too, and I eventually just gave up and looked it up.

That said, completing the 49 levels in this was FUN. And I can only say, give me more. I want them. NAO. I went through them all. :D With implementations like shooters, for instance. Or wall jumping, or other various platform novelties. I'd also love to see a more "adventure" premise added to the game, though it stands alone as it is pretty well. It'd just be funny to have a main antagonist that you know about (you know, before level 50).

Level 50 completely caught me off guard and I love you for it. I won't spoil it because I know some people want to see it, but it honestly doesn't disappoint and makes all the struggle for the levels up to it well well worth it.

But another thing that I like is that this game is literally bug free, it seems. Unlike the games I've been playing lately, which had at least one small little flaw, this literally needs nothing changed on it. It's simple, it runs well, it looks great (who doesn't like pencil sketch type of art, come on? :D), and it accommodates to the high score people by displaying the score at the end.

Although. It would be nice to have it calculate a score at the end (encouraging less deaths, less keys) and make that available on a leaderboard.

If this is only "experimental" as the author says, I cannot wait to see the finished product!

5/5 WILL play again. ("What? This thing only lets me give 5? Dammit, I wanted to give a 7.")

ryanclewis responds:

Thanks! When I say it's "experimental" I mean that I made it knowing it's somewhat unconventional. I.e. - there's no real "premise" or "goal", it just kind of starts as nothing and evolves aimlessly. But this is the finished thing and I don't plan on adding to it or remaking it at all.

Basically I've always wanted to make something like this and I wanted to see what kind of reception it would get. But I'm definitely going to continue making games and each one will probably have a bit of this figure-it-out-yourself feel.

An awesome game. Not feeling so green anymore though. ;)

More levels would be superb.


very great game, love how the game mechanics change for each new level.
but i am stuck on level 30. the hint says "draw a shape then circle it". how do i draw the shapes? i tried to mimic with my movement the shapes to the left and the right, but nothing happened.