Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 12"

i haven't tried Minecraft before, but this series make me want to play it.
(yes, there are people who haven't played before)


Yes because people will definitely watch this to get info on minecraft...
You must be about 10 years old.

In any case, this is an awesome series. Started on the most recent one and went back to the start xD
keep it up!
love your work.

This series is unbeleivable in 2 ways 1 if there is a corrupt admin y doesnt the owner just ban him on server or in the console commands. Also in that other episode where they kill the End dragon they kill it way too fast and theres alot more crystals than just one, and an axe cant one hit a zozmbie.. plus u get no reward after beating the end. Look im not trying to insult the series im just saying that to new playerws looking to find info on minecraft this is very misleading.