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Reviews for "Shia Labeouf Cannial"

I knew when I saw the title of this (misspelled, by the way) that it was going to be excellent. I mean, the song's so good, any flash made in tribute has to be good too, right?

Luckily for me, even though my logic was faulty, this flash was still excellent. I love the way Labeouf's facial expression never really changes. Adds to the creepiness imo.

And now I'm off to see if you've made anything else like this. Kudos!

don't know who Shia Laboeuf is, but that was funny ;D

The Song Was Hilarious And So Was "Shia Labeouf;)"

this is the best video i have seen on Newgrounds yet. i give it 5 stars.

I want so much an extended version! Its awesome,it does worth 10/5 but as i cant vote like that,5 stars