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Reviews for "Why Am I Dead"

What a terrific game! I love games that have choices and different viewpoints and just overall mystery, and this game was very satisfactory.

This is fantastic. The plot is deep and complex. The characters, too, have their own unique (and strange) personalities and backgrounds.
It's interesting that depending on who you're possessing, you not only assume a new personality but the people you're talking to respond differently too. It's a weird feeling to use this as a way to get new information.
Both endings are so... satisfying. I have absolutely no complaints. 5 stars.

dat ending OoO damn!!!

Awesome ^.^ still trying to get the alternate ending though.

Really good game, but when I was absolutlely stuck, I wnet on the pause menu and clicked the help me thing, but it didn't do anything for me but restart the page...I love this game but that's my only nitpick and why I rage quit when I got so far and intrested into the story... I love the idea, love the story, love the characters, but fix that help button...