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Reviews for "Why Am I Dead"


how do you pass the game?

Funny thing, I actually got the secret ending on my FIRST playthrough, so I was an itty-bit confused at first. Heheh... I'm not gonna spoil how to get it, but remember to talk to EVERYBODY as EVERYONE.

I love the art style; it reminds me of Earthbound/Mother 2, one of my favourite games, and that makes me very happy. Oddly enough, the retro-ish graphics add to the atmosphere in the fact that we're playing in a remote, retro hotel - I dunno how to describe it... it just... works.

Each character ha a different walking speed and it really immersed me. I felt like I WAS those people, and I got a good idea of who they were without even needing to talk to them.

The killer, for me, was somewhat predictable, but to be honest I have an extremely different thought pattern than other people. The actual motive was interesting though.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOLIERS BELOW THIS LINE, FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did, however, figure out Cricket's part in this rather quickly. :/ which isn't TOO big a problem, but it still bugged me. Again, I'm very different inmy ways of thinking, so it may just be me.

Since - unless I was dumb (not an uncommon occurrence) and missed something - we never find out who the serial killer is, I'm interested... but I have an idea of who it is, kind of... I got a couple of suspects. Meh.

I'm not gonna request a sequel or anything, but I guess it'd be cool to know who it is. Unless, again, I was just dumb.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS ARE DONE, FRIENDS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the spoiler wall. I really, really don't wanna spoil people, but this IS a review, so I need to cover the ending, too.

Good Game :D

how did he die