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Reviews for "Why Am I Dead"

this sucks my game say 100% on he bar but it wont play because it say 0% wtf

I knew the killer the whole time!

I had a lot of fun with this one. I loved the style, I loved the concept, and the dialog was pretty funny too. I got stuck for a while, but it was entertaining enough just possessing everyone and having them talk to each other. The little girl was my favorite, but the old lady was funny too.

I wasn't expecting the ending either, the clues seemed to point to somebody else, and I was pleasantly surprised at the end, though I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more game. My only complaint is that it wasn't very long, but that's pretty minor. I just hope your next one is longer!

the concept is pretty cool, the game plays good but the ending is just stupid imho

SPOILER ALLERT. Brilliant idea,fun to play and all,I really liked it. However,I'd like to point out that the "clues" can be a little ellusive. I was almost sure throughout the game that Ted was the killer,because of quite a few dialogues that pointed at that direction.