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Reviews for "Why Am I Dead"

Wow... I'd never played a game quite like that before. I'm using my surroundings, but instead of clicking the environment and picking up objects, it's more like I'm picking up people. Even better, instead of duct-taping a fork to a screwdriver to create a lockpick or whatnot, I have to combine conversations to create new conversations. That's way cooler and more clever than countless room-exploration games I've played.

The heartbeat music was very understated. I dunno if that's noir, but it was enigmatic. I suppose an empty tone fits a mystery, especially seeing as the ending hit me out of nowhere.

I have no idea what the secret medals are, and there isn't much replay value seeing as I spammed every dialogue line I could find, but I'd say a mystery like this will deserve a closer look later. The first play was plenty to say: very cool game!

Fun. That all i can say.

it's a pretty hard game, but still a mystery and awesome game! i might spend hours just to know who killed him/her i love ur games dude just keep it up xD!!


That was actually rather quite enjoyable. The plot twist at the end was fantastic, but what I really enjoyed, besides the story, was the gameplay mechanics of possessing people, and then using different combinations of talking to people as other people in order to move the story forward. Brilliant!