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Reviews for "Why Am I Dead"

Great game, took me about an hour just because I didn't know what to do. Got the secret medals first then replayed for "The End" medal which took me 16 minutes. The game is short but it was interesting and well made.

A great game with a nice ending. The guy on the toilet and Orvall were the funniest parts but I have one concern: MEDALS DON'T WORK. Please fix this bug for the sake of humanity. Thank you for your time.

Amazing AND has a twisted ending. I must say, this is the greatest mystery game I have played as of yet. 5/5 For damn sure.

I like the atmosphere of this game, but there's major flaw - humans possessed by the owner don't exhibit the traits of his character - shouldn't ghost don't allow... *gunshot*

Murder mystery! Really excellent implementation of dialogue puzzles, or rather dialogue scheme. It was slow at times, having everyone to talk with everyone, but the flow was seamless. It didn't feel like solving puzzles 1#, 2# and 3#. Instead, we were slowly uncovering truth by asking the right people... in the skin of right people. Ending was bizarre. Nice twist, but honestly, I didn't entirely get it, even the second time. Probably because it wasn't answering all the question, at least not directly. I hope it'll become more clear in the sequel. Great job. Oh, and the atmosphere, with the music and the storm in the background was really creepy. Felt like Agatha Christie novel.