Reviews for "Chickens Origins"

Yeah, all my fav games! NEVER MESS WITHCHICKEN!!!

"This is how I play Call of Duty, BITCH!"
I could not stop laughing at that part. That was the greatest thing ever. Freaking hilarious.

It's awesome, and this is the guy bellow me decoded: In Minecraft, I saw some chickens and I killed all of them and something killed me and stole my diamonds.

in minecraft a saw some chighens and i kil all of them and somethink kill me and stell ny diamonds

Damn, all of my favorite video games referenced in one video. Loved the faces the characters made when seeing the chickens and I loved the "hey listen" "don't kill the chickens" bit.
Not sure why but when dead link played that note on the trumpet I laughed harder than any maniac I have ever met. 5/5 for the top notch quality.