Reviews for "Chickens Origins"

You blew my mind with castlevania

they do not really listen to words anymore, lucky for me are im the bestest reader on my sscholl.... but we are also just 4 pupils or whatever a kid in school on american i called, im not even english!

Yeah, Minecraft is the only game among the three that you can kill a chicken without having your ass handed to you. In Legend of Zelda, they can attack you. In Skyrim, chickens are considered citizens, and they can be considered as a witness if you are not careful.

Very funny. Chickens have been a running gag in some games.

My favorite: "Well this is how 'I' play Call of Duty bitch! GRAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Lol loved how the chickens use their blood as a song to warn them XD

IS this on youtube?