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Reviews for "Orbit Run"

i played the game and it's not really appealing, i like the thougt but its just to basic game play i get bored of it verry fast. put in some powerups or something that makes the game a little more exciting

Seismoz responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

I couldnt get onto more than 2 platforms, this was really hard, and the platforms seemed to random to actually get anywhere :( enjoyed the idea though, and it might have been because i couldnt jump high enough (maybe my fault?)

Seismoz responds:

Actually only reachable platforms are being spawned :) you can wait on your start platform till a reachable one flies by and from then on you can reach every platform (theoretically). it may be pretty hard of course ^^ too bad you didn't have fun.

The good:
Im not one for simple pick-up-and-play games, but this was entertaining.
This game was well made. couldn't find ANY glitches.
It's a fun game with addictive elements.

The bad:
It feels like there's something missing... maybe some power-ups?

The ugly:
Dear God, please change the menu music!!

Seismoz responds:

Well i found a glitch, it's gonna be my little secret thehehe :> thanks for the feedback. i'll see what i can do.

this is a nice game. the medals are cool. keep up the nice work

Seismoz responds:

Oh thank you very much sir :) i'll do my best.