Reviews for "Nyan Cat - Genre Hopping"

thats a good movie but the songs are a little bit terrible

If Nyan Cat took over any game company, they would go out of business in a few months. I don't think I could play a single level of anything hearing this music over am over for an ENTIRE game.(Catchy though)

okay lets see mickey mouse nyan cat, duke of hazards nyan cat, star wars nyan cat, piano nyan cat, heavy metal nyan cat, drunken nyan cat, angry man nyan cat *your call is very important to us*, pop nyan cat, medival nyan cat or invisable horse riding nyan cat, catnipped nyan cat or high nyan cat, leparchaun nyan cat, super mario bros. nyan cat, flying saucer nyan cat or alien nyan cat, Replay?

:D :D :D :D

the flexibility is quite awesome
and i love the old-adventure style pixelart