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Reviews for "GRINDSTAR"

I like the boss music, but it would be cool if it was a terned-bass rpg,

failnaut responds:

You'd be surprised at what's in the works. ;).

I see what you did there. The minotaur is hilarious. It would be nice if the boss kill animation got better as the game went on.

failnaut responds:

Great idea!

After hittlng lvl 1500 it's come to my attention that i'm unable to attack the troll (the first enemy)
Am i supposed to be able to click him or is there a button, i'm fairly sure i've clicked everything.

failnaut responds:

After hitting level ten you should've had a "KILL" button pop up for you to hit to kill him. Let me know if that wasn't the case - it should be!

I bet this game would be fun...
IF I Fucking knew how to play it!
You dont even put any instructions in there

failnaut responds:

I've added that now - would appreciate if people at least tried to click around before no-starring!

Always a fan of a simple game making fun of a much larger concept. While a big heavy handed, yeah, good job on this.
Also, would that level 3 Minotaur happen to be a reference to anything? He's striking that pose and I feel like I've seen another bull fellow do it elsewhere.

failnaut responds:

It's Usain Bolt's pose. I liked the idea of an arrogant minotaur, so I thought it'd be funny. :).