Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

I just wanna start off by saying that that is an awesome menu. There is really nothing I can say bad about this flash except that the voices could of been recorded better. So, well done :)

That was amazing! Although, never pronounced Mido like that before hahah! Kudos to the background artist! They did a fantastic job!

Its been such a long while since I've seen this series. Your remake of the first episode shows just how far you've come as a animator, the quality of the work is superb in both the art and the story, which by the way, is a hell of a lot funnier than the original. You've come a long way since you made that episode 6 years ago, the best to you sir.

wow this was amazing i like this version better

wow this is much better than the other one because in the first one you didn't get much backstory or anything else and you didn't really understand what was going on (well i didn't). Keep up the good work and i can't wait till the next one.