Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

Fantastic! can't wait for Episode 2!

This was awesome.

Please let me confirm the awesomeness of this flash by just saying that frogd3mon (the 3-star reviewer a couple posts below this one) is a fucking moron.

WOW! That option screen. Wow. Brought a lot of childhood memories that I hasted wasted playing OoT (but completely worth it though.) You really put alot more thought into this. The animation is smooth, and the plot doesn't move to fast. I like it alot! Mido's voice actor changed?

The voices sounded alot more clearer and easier to understand, but man. To set up like the N64. Wicked. This has X50 more respect than any animation that exists of Loz.


Still awesome but why start over its was already awesome Scoot?