Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

Zelda UO back and better than ever, knew you wouldn't leave me hangin forever bro thanks alot scoot

You are back! YES!
A remake of my favorite zeldafanfiction.

You improved!

The background and the storytelling are waaay better!
The only thing that could be better are the voices. But thanks for keeping the originalvoices.

I'm so happy that you're remaking the story. =3

well done with the redisign i hope that you can finish the series because i am curious how your going to put midna in the series when you introduced her in zelda uo 8 beta.

Amazing series, I have been watching it from the beginning of timewhen you first started making it. :P Really love it, Love how you re did the animation on it and the music. Can't wait to see more from you scoot.

Aw I got excited when I saw this but since it's from 2012, with no updates since, and a dead website there's probably little to look forward to in the future.

This was always one of my favorite series and naturally this remade episode was as good as ever.