Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

Pretty awesome, goes kinda well :D

Very good, Link just looks too...weird.

Alright, I like the idea of this, I like the amount of effort that went into this, I can tell that this is a very cared for project.

However, to me at least, I feel as if the voice actors weren't suited to their rolls, considering for example, what the kokiri are supposed to be. They definitely sounded too old in this.

The other thing that bothered me was the animation, seemed to go between good/great backgrounds, and good character animation to something I'd expect from someone who was just learning how to animate. I know it's not easy, but for something of this caliber, I hope everyone involved has been and will keep, making that extra push for quality!

While the world isn't patient, and I understand a desire to get your work out for people to see, it's alright to keep it held back for a bit longer to improve things :)

There's a lot of room for improvement in this, definitely, but it's off to a great start to say the least. As everyones skills grow, I hope to maybe one day see a remake of this :)

Definetly worth the long wait at the begining, but please try to shorten in the upcoming episodes, love where this is going, great dialog and animation, nice to here Links' voice instead of AAAAAAAAAAAA! All in all, definetly worth 5/5 stars :D

it teakes 4 ever at the bihenig