Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

I really enjoyed this. The art and the voices were great. Taking it down from 5 stars to 4.5 only because I believe a good mic is important. But the acting and the art and the music. Loved it. You guys rock.

WOW! That option screen. Wow. Brought a lot of childhood memories that I hasted wasted playing OoT (but completely worth it though.) You really put alot more thought into this. The animation is smooth, and the plot doesn't move to fast. I like it alot! Mido's voice actor changed?

The voices sounded alot more clearer and easier to understand, but man. To set up like the N64. Wicked. This has X50 more respect than any animation that exists of Loz.

The song at the beginning caused a lot of memories to come flooding back, please make more episodes

Wow, this is beautiful. -w- ~
I really enjoyed all the little changes you've made. The backgrounds are AMAZING and the extra scenes were a plus, given that the beta version of this episode was soooo short. T^T Your quality has jumped up ALOT and that's great to see. It's almost like I'm going back through the series for the first time; I'm excited to see where the story goes and what you plan to do in future episodes. I liked the menu screen at the begining to. One thing I did notice though, was that the characters are still a bit stiff sometimes, but it has gotten notably better.
I have to admit something to you dude, you're one of the people that inspired me to start animating. Watching your Flash Tutorials made the idea seem more tangiable, like anyone could do it. So thanks.
Only reason I have hardly anything up is because I'm hoping to aquire better equipment before I dive into a big project. XD
Buuuuut...anyways: great improvements in the quality, can't wait for more!

Interesting: So how's the future of the series? I remember it got to episode 8.

And BTW, was that curiously pronounced "gott-a think to the past" intentional?