Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"


You're back? I honestly thought you weren't going to even touch the LoZ stuff again, yet here you are. I few weeks ago I decided to visit memory lane (old Newgrounds videos) and I remembered that I used to watch this. Then I read the news that you were doing a remake. What made you come back?

Glad you're doing this again. You're animation seems to have improved greatly over the last few years. But the question is, will you actually go past the Deku Story Arc? And will you fill in that weird gap with the dragon fight scene?

I think I will serve as a critic, hope this is ok. Don't worry I don't bite.


Art and Design----- The animation looks well polished and contains lush colors. Beautifully done!

Sound----- Voice acting seems pretty good, but I recommend the voice actors project more. It feels like the music sometimes blurs away the dialogue, but this is less often. Be ecstatic!!!

Video Length----- Are you going to make this EXACTLY like last time? The first few original episodes were just as short. Some barely had any action, which is what happened here as well. Try making the videos a little longer... long enough for satisfaction in terms of action and plot development. In the original episodes, we don't see forshadowing until the second or third episode. That should normally be something that starts like in episode 1.

And with that, I give you a 4.5/5 . I will be awaiting for the upcoming installment. Good luck.

great music
don't like the long loading time
i would like the plot if if i liked the zelda series
good animation

I remember seeing this from way past, so I decided to check out the old work after watching the remake. The animation, artwork, and voices really have improved by leaps and bounds. That said, I think the artwork and voice acting could use some polish. Happy to see this series get a reboot though, I really enjoyed them.

Looking forward to the remainder of the remade episodes!