Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

This is a really, REALLY good series with some really great animation, I might want to do a project with you guys.

well done with the redisign i hope that you can finish the series because i am curious how your going to put midna in the series when you introduced her in zelda uo 8 beta.

please finish this series i beg of you T_T i love it so much D:


Why. You have so much potential and your art skill is pretty decent, but christ man, animate better.
Ive watched your movies for over 4 years, hoping to see improvement each time. But I dont. All you do is make everything prettier. Thats it. You still use the tweenimation, which just makes everything in the movie feel fake and slow. Instead of making everything pretty actually animate using your tablet, I know you have one put it to good use and stop tweening, look at egoraptor and harrypartridge. They dont use tweenimations and pretty effects to make their animations good. They use their talent to actually animate and bring things to life. Based on what ive seen of your work, you dont. Sorry scoot, stop trying to win us over with 3D effects and actually improve the ANIMATION.

wow this is much better than the other one because in the first one you didn't get much backstory or anything else and you didn't really understand what was going on (well i didn't). Keep up the good work and i can't wait till the next one.