Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

YAY!!! IM SOOO HAPPY TO SEE THIS AGAIN!!!! i was a HUGE fan of it the first time and was soooo sad when you stopped making them and even when you toke them down i use to watch them several times and show my friends them too i REALLY REALLY hope this means you are going to continue the series i would love to see where you where going with the story anyway AWESOME JOB HERE i love the update to it every nice and PLEASE continue the story THANK!!!! XD

Pretty good. I think the only things I can really point out is that some of the visuals seemed off balance at times in terms of quality/detail, the colors, while vibrant, didn't seem to help draw my attention where it was needed. The thing that needs improved most in my opinion is the pacing; way, WAY too slow... had I the ability, I would have fast-forwarded through the slow panoramas and stuff.

OMG link can talk!? soooooooooooo awesome i loved it please keep doing these! :D

It's good to see a reboot for an old favorite, but it I now have several questions. You mentioned a couple of months ago you were done with the series, that you were moving on. So what does this new edition of UO mean for the series? Are you going to continue with the plot? Or are we just going to see updated visuals until the cut off point at UO 8 (i believe)?

Love the series, wonderful improvement as far as the technical stuff goes, I just hope to see more plot at the end of this reboot.

Cool animation and characters. The awkward breaks between all the dialogue reminds me of Megaman Legends, so maybe you could make the conversations more dynamic to fix that. The animation could also be smoother, but I think you made up for that with how long the episode was. Good job!